Acidity: Great Experience. Always believes in Ayurveda
Treatment was excellent given by Vaidyaraj Mangaldas. G. Shah at Labdhi Ayu Clinic, Ahmedabad and I am cured completely within a 20 days from Acidity. I have been also suffering from digestive problems like bloating, acidity, breathing problems and shaking of body. I had tried all types of medicines before coming to Labdhi Ayu Clinic, Ahmedabad. But, after coming here, I am feeling better and healthy from all my diseases, which I was suffering from last 2 years. I want to thank Vaidyaraj Mangaldas. G. Shah for his best guidance and given good advice to keep healthy by the use of Ayurveda in future. Thanking you once again.
Patient’s name: Dharmesh

I was suffering from stiffness and severe pain all through the body. When I met Vaidyaraj Mangaldas. G. Shah at Labdhi Ayu Clinic, Ahmedabad, I was fearing whether everything will go on well or not. After taking a medicines of 2 months, I have been cured of the illness. So I want to say thanks to Vaidyaraj Mangaldas. G. Shah for his best medicines, knowledge of Ayurveda and giving me a new healthy life. At Labdhi Ayu Clinic, I felt really like a home.
Patient’s name: Bharat

I was suffering a disease of Migraine from a very long time. After 10 days of treatment at Labdhi Ayu Clinic, I felt really good relaxed and get sufficient sleep. Thanks to Vaidyaraj Mangaldas. G. Shah who have taken my personal care during overall treatment. I had great experience at Labdhi Ayu Clinic, Ahmedabad. After completing the treatment of 3 years, I never got migraine. Now I am always believes in Ayurveda and enjoy my happy life with family.
Patient’s name: Pallavi

Hair Falls:
Ayurvedic treatments are a popular choice among many women for hair loss because they incorporate natural ingredients and have been an effective cure for hair fall since ancient times. I suffered from hair-fall problem from a long time. I approached a Labdhi Ayu Clinic for consultation. Vaidyaraj Mangaldas G. Shah provided me best guidance and very effective meidicnes which showed positive results in a very short time with soft and smooth hair. The results of Ayurveda is wonderful. Labdhi Ayu Clinic give personal attention to each patients and charge no consultation fee. The medicines are affordable and effective at the same time.
Patient’s name: Kalgi